Our Mission

The mission of Franklin Simpson Good Samaritan is to be a helping hand to those in our community who lack the resources to meet their basic needs.

We carry out our mission by assisting residents of the Franklin/Simpson community, as well as transients passing through Franklin/Simpson with services and programs that can help meet those needs. This assistance is intended to help the individual or family through the hardship they are facing so they can get back to being more self-sufficient. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of Franklin Simpson Good Samaritan, Inc. is to:

Our Governance

Franklin Simpson Good Samaritan, Inc. is a non-profit service organization governed by a local board of directors consisting of up to two members from each participating church located in the Franklin/Simpson community. 

A participating church is one that provides the organization with monetary contributions or volunteer services, or both. 

Daily operations are managed by the executive director, who is supervised by the executive committee consisting of seven members of the board of directors: four officers and three at-large members. 

The executive director and office secretary are the only paid employees of the organization and the executive director is not a member of the board of directors or executive committee.